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The following items are currently in stock and are available for purchase. If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected]
All items seen in the other carving folders are available on a request basis and time must be allowed for carving.

Due to limited supply and difficulty carving at this time, ALL items are unavailable for purchase. Thanks for looking!
Atlantic_Puffin - $145Baby_Killdeer- $150Baby_Robin  $175 - NABlue Jay R - DonatedBlue-Jay L -NA - $335Brown_Pelican - $190Brown_Pelican_Back-$190Canada Goose - $180Chipmunk- $165Contentment-SoldCottontail - $185 NISEastern_Bluebird - $165Giraffe1- $225Giraffe2- $225Great Blue Heron - $225Great Blue Heron -$225Junco_hatchett - $235Killdeer Chicks - $150Life_Front -SoldLife_left -Sold - $175