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"Life is like playing a violin solo in public and learning the instrument as one goes along." Samuel Butler

Guestbook for "Bob Rutan P.H.O.T.O.G.R.A.P.H.Y, Wood Carving and Painting"
Karen Bowers(non-registered)
Everything in here is quite lovely! You really are SO talented!
And I love the picture of you with the camera. Looks like the Professional you are!!
Barb Roberts, your sis(non-registered)
Your talent, in all the things you have done, never ceases to amaze me. Wish I had one of everything, but I can always visit your site. Love you bro, just me, Barb
"Bob Rutan P.H.O.T.O.G.R.A.P.H.Y, Wood Carving and Painting"
Thank you very much Don Hirschi. I appreciate the comment from someone that does B&W as excellent as you do.
Don Hirschi(non-registered)

Took another look at your website today. I especially like your B&W images, especially the "Saucers" in Mystery Valley on that tour of Monument Valley where we met. Keep up the good work.
Pat Dunlavy(non-registered)
Very impressive, Bob - Bravo!!