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One area of artistic expression that always interest me is concrete art. Something about taking a rigid, rough looking medium and trying to make it look soft and somewhat realistic. Hopefully I have accomplished that here.
Due to some health issues, I have had to migrate away from concrete and try some other mediums for expression of my artistic development.
Mad DogWizardFrog MoldPrayTea Light-ClayCastings and WireTee TimeTee Time2Blue ButterflyFirst CastingsBrunnera MacrophyllaNeon RhubarbGreenish Gold RhubarbSum_SubstanceGreen-Blue RhubarbGreen/purple RhubarbGreen/purple Rhubarb2Horseradish LeafFrog1_1138Frog1_1139

Guestbook for Concrete
Rally amazing work Bob! The quality here is just superior work. I wish I knew how to make the things I work on look this realistic! Great work!
Dan Gilchrist(non-registered)
Awesome art Bob this work will be around for generations.....very cool! Love checking out your page for new pieces!
Vicki Wilkinson(non-registered)
Such amazing work, Bob, and it's so much fun to go back and look at it again on this cold, snowy day.
Thank you Theresa - it was fun painting the frog and I hope to do more!
Theresa Hurd(non-registered)
Great work! Proud owner of your work. Love my frog.
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