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In December of 2017 I injured my shoulder pretty good and was in for some long down time. Fortunately, it was not my dominant side so I decided to try and teach myself to draw. The drawings you see here are mostly copies of drawings from other artists in which I tried to duplicate what they did. I found this a good way of teaching myself the different techniques of shading, etc. A couple are original and drawn from photos.
I have now started to spread my knowledge to color pencils. So much more involved then what I anticipated, but I am pretty certain that I am going to like the results once I perfect it.
I tried to keep the listing in chronological order. As you look at this page, you can somewhat see my development and improvement (hopefully) as I add more drawings and paintings to the site.
Hope you enjoy...
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You have quite a talent with art work Bob. WOW! One of the items here that I had to go back to and look at again and again was the eye. I'm not sure how you got that to have the effect it has but it captured my attention for sure. Great work on all of these pieces Bob! Thanks for sharing then with us!
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