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For years I worked in the Spring and never got out to see the migrating Warblers that flew into Ohio each May. Lately, I have managed to get a few shots and really enjoy watching these birds dart through the trees and bushes. It seems they are rarely in a clean shot, but still enjoyable.
When it comes to identifying Warblers, I am weak so let me know if I have misidentified any. I find it very easy to confuse these with the immature not looking very similar in some cases and a big difference in the male and female in most cases.
Yellow WarblerYellow Warbler-2Common Yellowthroat-2Common YellowthroatFemale_YellowRumped-Warbler_091Black and White-Warbler_096Yellow-Rumped-123Yellow-WarblerYellow-Warbler_5032Wilsons-Warbler_5072Chestnut_Sided-Warbler-5113Chestnut_Sided-Warbler-resize5113Canada_Warbler-5117Canada_Warbler-resize5117Bay-Breasted-5132Bay-Breasted-resize5132Magnolia-Warbler-5161Bay-Breasted Warbler-5164CapeMay-5210YellowWarbler5228