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Species marked as available have inventory in stock of the photo seen. Those marked as NIS are not in stock, but commissioned work will be taken on those marked as such. Where natural wood was used as a base, the base may be duplicated on commission but will differ from the picture on those marked as unavailable.

"The world is but a canvas to our imaginations."
Henry David Thoreau
Atlantic_Puffin - $145Baby Quail - NISBaby_Killdeer- $150Baby_Robin  $175Barn Swallow - $175Barn Swallow - NISBarn Swallows - NISBlackburnian Warbler -SOLDBlue Jay R - $335Blue-Jay L - $335Bluebird - NISBrown_Pelican - $190Brown_Pelican_Back-$190Canada Goose - $180Canada Goose - NISCedar_WaxwingCedar_Waxwing- SOLDDiscarded MemoriesEastern_Bluebird - $165Emperor Penguin - NIS